We create native ads that are fun and shareable for brands. Even when your ad is not featured...

We create native ads that are fun and shareable for brands. Even when your ad is not featured on the front page it stays online forever so customers can google you and get lots of great content. We use our social media to create buzz around businesses and music artists. This can be done with single or multiple posts. We can even create a brand page on our website of original stories that are sure to go viral. We can even use keywords to help you place 

higher in the search engines. When users google your brand you will
look popular with social media giving your brand a better
overall image. Ad units can also be placed on the most popular posts giving more exposure to your brand.

Reach our growing audience of over 10 million 70% male and 30% female audience. The age range is 18-45 and our readership is 60% African American 20% Latino 20% white/other 70% white 40% other 
Our websites and social media are updated daily to keep fresh content for our readers.
Native Front Page Ad

Roger Federer Sponsored Post for Chocolate Heaven

Sponsored Lunchables Post featuring Rob Dyrdek

Our team can also create custom video content that can also be shared online.

We can also create other original images for brands such as funny cartoons and promotional videos that focus on a brand.

We can also do interviews and create entertaining commercials to use with our podcast and online tv channel.

(Spate Radio Interview) Some of our guests include Nicki Minaj, Maino, DJ Drama, Waka Flocka, Young Chris, Yo Gotti, Shawty Lo, Tone Trump, Jagged Edge, 112, Antonique Smith

Spate TV Interview

We also have musicians that can create jingles and original music to add to your videos and posts.

We can also design 3-6 month campaigns which come with a custom url where are the articles can be found.

Social Media campaigns are also available. We promote your content through our network of over 10 million readers and viewers.

If your interested in creating shareable content with Spate Media contact

If your ready now here are a few payment options. Custom packages can be requested

Advertising Options

  • Native ads are on the front page and they can link to a post within our website or a link of your choice. Total impressions can reach up to 500,000 or more
  • Social media videos are custom videos created with our logo and placed on our social media networks. Total impressions can reach up to 20,000 or more
  • Our email blast currently goes out to over 60,000 music fans and media. We can also send a link to our social media. Total impressions can reach up to 100,000 or more
  • PR consists of general posts about a product and or interviews in person or radio. 1 month PR would consist of 1 website post a week along with a social video. Total impressions for the month can be up to 1 million or more.
How Does Your Marketing Packages Help My Brand?
  1.  Web search is extremely important for any brand. When fans or customers google your brand they can see that you are active and people are writing about your company. This shows relevance and success.
  2. We have a built in audience of millions around the world. Being a 10 year old brand we rank high in the search engines and our content goes viral on the regular basis.
  3. We can create original content for your brand. Having new digital content makes your brand more fun and appealing. We create cartoons, interviews, commercials and more.
  4. Visibility is key and that's a big part of what we do. Sometimes people don't buy something until they see it 5 or 10 times. By being more visible your brand has a better chance of success.
  5. We worked with some of the biggest brands in the world.

Ready To Get Started? Lets Get Your Campaign Going.

Email for details

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